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Inci Dental was founded 1994 in Istanbul. Since then the company produce a variety of consumable materials. Since 1994, the concept of quality is established, always giving priority to customer satisfaction, the production process by making significant investments in R & D activities, cooperate with universities and Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, made production as newest and unique products, in the sector so has achieved a leading place.

The company is only producer of variety materials in Turkey. Inci Dental is manufacturer of Dental amalgam filling material, dental composites filling material, endodontic hand files and rotary files, fiber posts, polishing discs, wedges, acrylics and etc. We export our products more than 45 countries in the World.

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Most Populer Products

Frequently asked and requested products. Please visit the link for all our products.

RubyCavity Liner

Light curing resin-based cavity liner to protect pulp of the tooth. It is used under direct and indirect restorations, like composites, amalgams, ceramics and another metal restorations. 

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High copper alloy which contains admix particles. Predosed in self activating capsules. Gamma-2 free. It has 4 spill options as spill 1, spill 2, spill 3 and spill 5. Produced according to ISO 13897 and ISO 24234 Standarts. 

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RubyCal Calcium Hydroxide Powder and Liguid

Calcium hydroxide powder and liquid for root canal therapy and vital pulp therapy.

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Ruby Flow is microhybrid flowable light curing radio opaque composite. 

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RubyDent Abrasive Polishing Discs

Has different kind of discs which has different grins and different langs.

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Our quality assurance approve by European Union with the certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and the EC.

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